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Whether you're an individual or a small business, get connected with a tax professional to file your taxes or self e-file your taxes today. 

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EasyTaxReturns is a one stop online tax service. We take all the hassle out of finding a professional to do your return. We’ll connect you to a network of tax pros waiting and ready to assist you in completing your personal return or help take your firm to the next level

How Tax Pro Connect works

You’re matched with a real tax pro

We march you with an experienced tax pro that best fits your unique situation 

Simply drag and drop your tax files and sschedule a call or chat if you have question 

Upload your tax documents 

In a few days we review and approve your taxes, pay, then sit back and relax 

We prepare, sign, and file your return 

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Fast and Professional

"I was matched with a tax professional in 24 hours and we communicated online. She answered all of my questions and saved me a lot of money. Totally worth it and highly recommended!" 

Lisa V. 

Sarasota, Florida 

Enjoy the benefits of
Tax Pro Connect

Tax Pro matching

Instant match with the best expert tax preparer for your needs

Enjoy a speedy & accurate return from our expert tax service

Quick turnaround

Instant communication

Exchange secure messages with your Tax Pro

Upfront fees

Confirm the fee, before you start
the process

Find a Tax Pro with specialties to match your situation

Niche Experts

Unmatched experience

Average 10 years of filing and 1000's of clients

More ways to file

Be free to do your taxes how and when you want

Refund & payment options

Choose how to get your refund & pay for your tax services

Tailored Advice

Discuss your needs with your Tax Pro and get the best advice

Connect to a Tax Pro Today

The e-file process allows taxpayers ti submit their taxes electronically by connecting to the Internal Revenue Service’s Ellectronic Filing System. E-filing can be done from a computer (as well as some modern smartphones and tablets) using tax preparation software that has been approved by the IRS. 

Self eFile your taxes

Go through an easy to fill wizard

Move on state taxes

Review and eFile your Return


Self eFile Your Taxes

Easy online tax filing

"My taxes are straightforward and I always did it myself. Using your tool went as easy as expected and it worked like a charm. Taxes are not exciting, but I found your platform to be the easiest way to do taxes stress-free and securely." 

Nicole Barker 

Plano, Texas

Enjoy the benefits of
Self eFile

E-File Anytime

You can electronically file 24
hours a day, 7 days a week

You can get your tax
refund faster

Super Fast

Error Free

E-filed returns have
fewer errors than paper returns

Completly Secure

Your information remains secure
and encrypted to ensure confidentiality 

You receive proof of filing and a notice when your return has been received and accepted.


Self eFile Your Taxes

Guaranteed Confidentiality and Privacy

Our DIY tax return digital providers are under the same confidentiality rules for e-filed returns as the tax pros are for paper returns. They are not allowed to reveal or discuss any information from your tax return without your authorization. The same rules apply for any tax software developers. Customer data will remain confidential throughout the entire e-file process.

There are 37 states (and the District of Columbia) which allow you to e-file your state tax return at the same time you e-file your federal return online. We support them all. This is referred to as the “Federal/State e-file Program.” You send both returns to the IRS, and the IRS electronically forwards your state return to the tax authority in your state. 

State Returns E-Filing 

Self eFile Your Taxes

With or without a Tax Pro
we guarantee an accurate submission 

File from any device

Mark taxes off your to-do list anytime, from anywhere. File your return on the go with your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop 

The native error check module ensures your forms are validated and prompts you to correct any errors before transmitting

Inbuilt Error Check

Data Security

We utilizes additional security implemented in multiple layers including 256 encryption to ensure your data is protected. 

Data Validations

We ensures your Forms are matched against the IRS business rules, Schema Validation and USPS address validation to confirm your data in the forms are error-free to report. 

We reduce errors in the address field by validating your Forms with USPS address validation to ensure your tax return and forms are error-free to transmit

USPS Address Validation

Secure Server

The servers are secured by IAM & IP restricted access. Only authorized users are allowed access to the servers. We continuously scan our servers to ensure state-of-the-art security is provided to our clients. 

Connect to a Tax Pro TodaySelf eFile Your Taxes

Join the satisfied clients who choose EasyTaxReturns each year. 

We make it fast and easy to file with confidence, with or without a Tax Pro

Excellent Customer Service
"Easy to use, pricing is great and their customer service is outstanding! Thanks you ever so much EasyTaxReturns!"

Lisa V.

Sarasota, Florida

Greatest Online Tax Tool
"I must say this was the quickest and easiest way I have ever done my taxes! Excellent and worth every cent!"

Bob Martelli 

Boston, Massachusetts

Intuitive Navigation
"First time user, easy navigation, user friendly, the Tax Pro we used was awesome. I will use you again next year."

David Parr 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Connect to a Tax Pro TodaySelf eFile Your Taxes

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